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The Law Office of Peter Georgiou :

Workers' Compensation Learning Library

Our office concentrates in representing people that have sustained injuries at work (workers’ compensation), social security disability claims and motor vehicle accidents.
NOTE:  Even if your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, we can still help you.

We also represent people that have been injured in various work sites, whether or not they are working for a company as employees or are independent contractors, have been injured through a defective product(s) (product liability), slip and fall (anywhere), slip and fall on snow and ice and dog bite cases.

Your Rights

You have just been injured at work and you are unable to return for more than five (5) days.  Do you know the steps to follow to assure that you are protecting your legal rights? How soon after your injury do you have to provide your employer with a doctor’s disability note? Do you need to fill out any forms in order to obtain any benefits? Do you have to treat with the doctors suggested by the workers’ compensation insurance company or do you have a choice? Let us help you get the answers and protect your rights.

“The most important element in the attorney /client relationship is ‘trust’. Trust flows both ways: the client needs to trust that the attorney is representing his/her interest to the full extent of the law, while the attorney needs to trust that the client has been forthcoming and truthful.”

- Peter Georgiou


Learning Library

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